Getting a California Medical License: A Comprehensive Guide

The medical licensing process for a doctor in California is known to be long and complex. It is estimated that the application process takes around two to three months, although this may be longer depending on the volume of requests. The most important factor in completing a license file is the applicant's ability to obtain all the necessary items. It is recommended that you submit your application materials quickly and that you stay proactive in obtaining the remaining items.

In order to have sufficient time to process and address any deficiencies, the Board strongly advises that applicants submit their online application six months in advance. The MBC states that they will review your request within 60 business days (not including weekends or federal holidays). Obtaining the appropriate California Medical License is ultimately the responsibility of each doctor. If the license is not obtained, you will be removed from your clinical functions. The following information is to help you in the process of applying for a D, O.

You can download the application on the Board of Osteopathic Medicine website. Applicants should recognize that the application review process can be lengthy and are advised to start the application process at least six to nine months before needing the license. This training program must be part of the California Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). In the event that a check is refused, lost (USPS or CA) while in transit, or California never receives it, a letter will be sent to the doctor detailing the items that are still needed. The California Medical Board has a reputation for being a difficult state medical board to obtain a license from. Getting a California Medical Board license is an intricate but essential task if you plan to pursue a career in health care in the Golden State.

If a doctor has a clean record, the process in California will be straightforward and licensing times will be kept in line with those of other medical boards. Keep in mind that the California Medical Board has strict rules that you must follow in this section. In addition, you must also provide the California Medical Board with relevant tax information, such as your social security number. As if medical school weren't expensive enough, you also have to pay additional fees to get a full license to practice in California. In order for the California Medical Board (MBC) to approve your California Medical License (MBC) application, you'll need to gather a good amount of paperwork and documentation to show that you're qualified to practice medicine.

California has a strict policy of not contacting the California Medical Board before this waiting period. If you are a foreign applicant, you must submit an ECFMG certification status report to ensure that the certification you received is fully valid in California. The good news is that the application process in California isn't as difficult as it is in other states.

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